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Dog Friendly Backyard

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6 Dog-Safe Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes (& Other Pests)

For many pet parents, warm weather is a welcomed treat. We get to spend more time outdoors with our four-legged companions, enjoying the sunshine and participating in fun outside activities. That is, until we hear that all too familiar buzz of the dreaded mosquito.

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How to build the perfect backyard for dogs

How to build the perfect backyard for dogs Learn which plants are hardy, which are poisonous, and how to create a beautiful but functional layout.

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Landscaping Do's and Don’ts When You Have a Dog

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Low maintenance child-friendly garden


The Family Handyman DIY Tip of the Day: Keep Dog Pee From Ruining Your Yard. Dog urine discolors and kills grass. Replace part of the lawn with landscape fabric covered with pea gravel, then add a few dog-friendly decorations!


Just found this Raised Outdoor Dog Bed - Raised Cooling Bed -- Orvis UK on!


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Pet-friendly Portland Landscaping Designs


Here are five recommended ground covers for a dog friendly backyard: 1.) Elfin Thyme 2.) Irish Moss 3.) Miniature Stonecrop 4.) Labrador Violet 5.) Snow in Summer Ground covers make great accents to flower beds, between stepping stones, or in rock gardens. They fill in quickly and choke out weeds naturally. Lush ground covers make the ground softer so better for your dog to nap on, or for you to walk on in bare feet…

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