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Doctor Who Funny | Funny Doctor Who Picture! « Christopher Roberts Philosophy Blog

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Doctor Who Season 9 The Magicians Apprentice| @LeftShark Pintrest

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Don’t be alone.... My heart. Is busted. In. A million. Pieces.

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17 MORE Wholock Gifs That We're Glad Exist

doctor who funny | Tumblr Check out the website to see more I love it

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Relive Doctor Who's speech for peace: is this Peter Capaldi's greatest moment as the Doctor?

Doctor Who speech: is this Peter Capaldi's greatest moment as the Doctor?

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David Tennant says an emotional farewell to Doctor Who as Matt Smith steps into the Tardis

Yeah, heart of stone and it brought a River down my cheeks. Funny how real life doesn't do that, but a series like Doctor Who can. Never have worked that out. If I had counted every tear I cried for ten, I would be able to water a Rose or two. Who doesn't cry when ten is sad??

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Sherlock's like the youngest child, who's a bratty teenage girl the parent's can't stand, Doctor Who is everyone's favorite perfect college student child, and Merlin is like the child about to shuttled off to military school for life.

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12 incredible Doctor Who posters

These 12 Doctor Who posters are the work of Cake and Comics. This is a blend of art and geek. We like both here at Geek Native and are chuffed to see they have a store.

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22 Doctor Who quotes to live your life by

Because everyone needs a wise companion to guide them through an adventure in space and time...

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Shutitty Up t-shirt inspired by Doctor Who's Time Heist episode.

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