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Doctor Who’s Matt Smith, new assistant Clara and why they’re wearing Prada

Doctor Who clara reminds me of audrey hepburn (breakfast at Tiffany's) and he is like Fred Astaire in Funny Face!

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Open RP - The book stood in front of his eyes. He wasn't sure whether to buy it or not. He checked his phone one more time, making sure that was the book Agnes had told him to buy. "Are you gonna buy it or what?" said the shop assistand with a really stupid look. "Eeehh yeah, yeah" answered Jamison. The shop assistant gave him a repellent book before asking him for €20. "Grazie" said Jamison, then he left the shop.

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30 Doctor Who Funny Quotes

Haha, I have no idea why I find this so funny! I really, actually laughed at this... aloud! Maybe it's because I've been getting "Rose" on the quizzes and can tragically relate to the over-consumption of cookies and various sugars...

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NMTB Doctor Who Best Moments part 3: The Assistant "I always thought you were Mr. Who and you just happened to be a doctor!" *David facepalms*

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Didn't he say on a previous episode that time traveling on your own timeline would tear a whole in the space time continum?

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Doctor Who Christmas special: Jenna Louise-Coleman interview

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