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Doctor Who Amy Pond

nine, ten, eleven, twelve, rory, clara oswald, river song, amy pond, martha jones, donna noble, jack harkness, rose tyler

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Don’t be alone.... My heart. Is busted. In. A million. Pieces.

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19 Times You Fell More In Love With Karen Gillan

Doctor Who - Harry Potter - Draco, Amy Pond, and the 11th Doctor on a plane haha

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22 Doctor Who quotes to live your life by

Because everyone needs a wise companion to guide them through an adventure in space and time...

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Doctor Who: Matt Smith's replacement to be announced this Sunday on live TV

Cast of Doctor Who- Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill

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Everyone has a favorite companion, my is tied between Rose and Clara, what's yours?

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22 Doctor Who quotes to live your life by

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