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This will forever be my favorite song. Probably because Chris wrote it for his wife when she was going through a rough time and all he wanted to do was fix it for her. <3

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I make this about once a week. It's super-easy to put together, and you can do it in the crock pot or even on the stove top on low heat for three hours. Delicious and smells amazing. || jools’s favourite beef stew | Jamie Oliver | Food

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Ariana Grande. I'm going to be famous like her, and use it to spread positivity! I have a passion for singing. Tell people about me, I'm @mackinzieschultz on Instagram

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I want stucky so bad and I hope they do it especially since chris and seb are open to it

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Wooden Crate Toy Storage - Turn a wooden crate into a pet hotel! The compartments are also fun for pretend play.

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"Emmeline Pankhurst, who had founded the Women’s Social & Political Union, being arrested as a Suffragette". Ladies, our fore mothers fought for the rights of future generations (us) so that we would have the chance and the choice to vote. Do not let that struggle be in vain. Vote!

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For Juli's Christmas present. I saw his list. @Frances Durham Sylvia Durham Sylvia Villalon

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How do you feel about the parrel between Dany and Jon and also how do you feel about him being Dany's nephew?

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