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Dmv License Check

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Cops' facial recognition database has half of US adults on file

It sounds like a dystopian nightmare. But in the near future, cities throughout the world could be equipped with networks of cameras analyzing facial features of pedestrians for certain traits that researchers believe are predictive of criminal behavior.

OLD BAY® - License Plate T-Shirt. Check out this awesome OLD BAY tee! It features classic Maryland license plates arranged to give homage to our favorite seafood seasoning.

South Bay #DrivingSchoolSanPedro has been licensed by the State of California through the Department of Motor Vehicles. We offer both driver’s education and training for students under the age of eighteen.

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Strawberry Bacon Salad with Greek Yogurt Poppyseed Dressing

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Check Out These License Plates That have Got Passed The DMV


Can you imagine Alfred Hitchcock driving down to the DMV to renew his license? Well, at some point he must have, because here’s the evidence! His California Driver License went up for auction in 2008 and sold for an impressive $8,000. And check out that date on the bottom. It’s his birthday: 8-13-99. 1899, that is!

Passing the driving test can be a stressful experience. Whether you've just completed online drivers ed or are an adult that needs to obtain a license, this driving tip video is for you. The discussion includes the do's and don'ts of taking the driving test. And a bit of information about how to make the experience less stressful and pass the test the first time.

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How to Look Good in Your Driver's License Photo