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Diving Course

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10 Best Places To Scuba Dive For a World Travel Bucket List

As a Responsible Scuba Diving addict, I’m always searching for the best, most serene and untouched dive sites in the world. I prefer those that offer plenty of flora and fauna, especially when they’re completely unique to the rest of the world. Of course it’s always important to dive responsibly, so we can keep these out-of-this-world dive locations pristine...


Done✔️ Took part in Stephens Skydive for Teenage Cancer Trust in 2015 breaking a Guiness World Record of most skydives in 24 hours. We had 403 jumpers :)

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Dinner? It’s fast food from the deep freeze

Alcedo athis: Kingfisher: It snaps up one of the tiny silvery fish near the bottom of the pristine lake. These amazing pictures were taken at a small, pristine river in Land Hessen, central Germany. They show the bird returning to the water several times, until he had his fill. Kingfishers can capture 80 small fish, such as perch or sticklebacks, over the course of a day. From DailyMail UK

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Inside the luxury resort in Portugal where A-listers go to relax

Vila Vita Parc, which is located near the town of Porches in Portugal

Have you ever thought about learning to scuba dive but not sure what to expect from the open water course? This guide will give you a bit more information!:

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Chilling out with the slow-mo manatees of Florida... who like nothing better than a good tickle

"A snorkeller tickles a young manatee near Crystal River, Florida, where the mammals gather in the winter to escape colder water"