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“Having a body that is like a musical instrument, open enough to be able to resonate, literally resonate with what is coming both from the inside and from the outside, so that one is able to surrender to powers greater than oneself.” (Marion Woodman)

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Breaking Negativity – The Salt Bath

Quan Yin (“KWAN-yin”). Her name means “She who hears the cries of the world.” She is a goddess of mercy in Taosim, and Bodhisattva of compassion, empathy, forgiveness and agape (or Big “L” Love) in Buddhism. It is said that saying her name alleviates suffering.

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"Today, is a new day. Heal your heart. Fully embrace your body. Awaken deeply to your Divine Feminine. Honor your sacred temple. And remember your womb wisdom, for SHE knows..." Nuit Moore

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Desert Angels Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Johanna Pieterman

Rhiannon is a welsh goddess whose name means divine queen of the fairies. The story of the Celtic goddess reminds us of the healing power of humour, tears and forgiveness. She is the goddess of movement and change, yet is steadfast and comforts us in time

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