"Three birds flocking toward my heart. Representing each member of the family I left behind"

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Click the pic and read the post about how fiction changes us. This goes to prove why I love books and stories so freaking much.

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Divergent Love ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring divergent, quotes, words, backgrounds, random, phrase, saying and text

Tangled's Rapunzal and Flin Rider ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ (Sorry if spelling is wrong! I bet you it is)

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IKR throughout the whole book it be like Katniss Everdeen deh girl on fire but Peeta be like, "ummmm

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SPOILERS! It's Not The Death That Kills You. It's The Reaction Of Their Loved Ones. Lion King, Avengers Age of Ultron, Big Hero Six, Les Mis, and Harry Potter.

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Mostly I just laugh like an insane murderer. Then they got scared and run away. Exept a few of my friends. They're in the fandom too.

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