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I've created a Welcome To Dauntless RP, everyone has finished initiation and are now Dauntless. We need 2 instructors (one male, one female) and 10 initiates (5 male, 5 female if possible) comment to join.

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I have to say, this makes me wish that the whole #Divergent world is real... Who cares about jumping off a building if you could be Dauntless?

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What's so special about Theo James?

I've thought this so many times with fours voice in my head saying, "You think my first instinct is to protect you, cause your a stiff? no, my first instinct is to push you until you break!" and I'm like riiiiight

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Your doubts, your hesitations, your very thoughts of possible weakness, must all vanish. But to get "there" you need to take the journey fig...

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You have clearly been diagnosed with a severe case of the Stupids, and have the inability to comprehend the occurrences in the book. You have my deepest consents.

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