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Daily disposable contact lenses can be worn longer than contact lenses with yearly replacement schedule. They provide freedom to roam casually without even carrying the burden of contact lens cases, an armory of solutions & other contact lens necessities.


Must Have Tech Today I am excited to partner with Alcon and its DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses to bring you a post all about my must-have tech when I am on the go. I have been a contact lens wearer since I was 12. I know such a long time right?! For me I cannot function without them. So this project is particularly special to me. When it comes to contact lenses I have A LOT of requirements. My biggest being the importance of wearing them all day long. All-day comfort is huge for me. I spend…

CooperVision MyDay daily disposable contact lenses

The Technology Behind MyDay Daily Disposable Contact Lenses #CooperVision #Contact Lens #Eyesonline

Daily disposable contact lenses are the safest, healthiest way to wear contact lenses. DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® Contact Lenses are a great daily wear lens also available in a multifocal (decrease dependence on reading glasses) and in a toric (to correct for astigmatism)


Parents often ask how old their children have to be for contact lenses. While it is a case by case basis we fit children for daily disposable contact lenses for sports and part time wear all the time. It can provide clear vision and prevent injury. Ask our doctors if this is a good option for your child today.

What is Best Contact Lenses Types Did you know that all contact lenses are not themselves? Take some time to get information about the different types of contact lenses and what they can do for your eyes. Of course your doctor will help you determine the correct lenses but it is better to be prepared and know in advance what is best for you. All lenses can be divided into groups depending on the material they are made of and schedule wearing lens design and purpose and degree of…