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Displacement (vector) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : Very Important - the distance travelled is not necessarily the same as the displacement vector!

scalar+vs+vector | Displacement vector

Displacement vector viewed another way


displacement (vector; "to the right") v. distance (scalar)

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Speed and Velocity in One and Two Dimensions - Physics PowerPoint Lesson & Notes

Speed and Velocity in One and Two Dimensions - This 28 slide physics lesson package discusses speed and velocity in both 1 and 2 dimensions, displacement, vector addition, and the cosine the sine laws. It also breaks down Position and Velocity graphs. It is geared towards students who are in high school physics, either junior or senior years. The PowerPoint contains many diagrams, examples, explanations and a video. It includes the lesson (student and teacher versions of the Power Point), 1…

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Big Motion and Forces Review Foldable for Interactive Notebooks or Binder

Reviews Scalars, Vectors, Distance, Displacement, Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Newton's Laws, Projectiles, and Gravity!


1 scalars, vectors, distance, displacement

Displacement and Velocity vectors in same direction


What story does these vectors tell? Do you know the difference between distance and displacement in physics? what is motion? find out doing this Project.


Khan Academy Intro to vectors & scalars | Displacement, velocity, and time…