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21 More Disney Characters As Modern College Students

<b>Seriously Disney, turn this into a show...or else.</b> <a href=" target="_blank">Rub&eacute;n</a> returns to Disney University with a new crop of college kids.

Mowgli is a happy and funny guy. He loves hanging out with his friends Tarzan and Kenai and have a good time doing crazy things. He is studying anthropology and would love to travel around the world. Mowgli likes to do parkour, scare snakes, ignite things (XD) and help their friends in the animal shelter.


Stitch is an international student (from a very far away ...) who comes to study computing and robotics. His first project in college was to create a robot named Baymax with his best friend Hiro. He loves surfing, music from Elvis, Star War movies and frogs. A little bit destructive, hot-tempered, childish, cute and brave


Disney University - Moana by Hyung86 Moana is brave, impetuous and is always full of energy. She is studying theology and loves mythology, legends and fables,and series like The X-Files and Supernatural. Loves Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall (her favorite animation series) Her bestfriend is Lilo and usually go together to photograph historic monuments and ancient sites


Disney University

Nakoma is studying ancient languages ​​at the university and share some subjects with Thomas (student of English philology) where they met and fell in love (<3) Both are fans of the TV series and Adventure movies. They love hanging out with Pocahontas and John Smith Kocoum ^^ Thomas is shy and a little bit clumsy but Nakoma is always there to help ^^ they are one of the most adorable couples in the campus