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The Ultimate Disney Character Quiz

The Ultimate Disney Character Quiz - I got 94%! They have quite a few obscure characters. Great quiz!

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Can You Name 99 Disney Characters?

How well do you know your Disney characters? I got 80 out of 99! Not bad at all considering I haven't seen half of them in several years! :D

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What Disney Character Are You?

Find out which Disney character you are. Is it Elsa? Woody? Ariel? Rapunzel? Belle? Merida? Dory or Ralph?

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Can You Get A Perfect Score On This Disney Character Quiz?

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Which Disney Animal Are You?

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Which Modern Disney Princess are you?

We all want to be a disney princess, but the truth is they're just so unrealistic! Here's what 21st century silver screen heroine you would embody in real, real life.

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Can You Get A Perfect Score On This Disney Character Quiz?

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Which Disney Princess Hairstyle Should You Try Next?

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What Disney Inspired Prom Dress Should You Wear?

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Which Disney Classic Princess Are You?

Cinderella Fall in love with /Cinderella all over again by watching the original animated classic by Disney! sho buz

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The Hardest Pixar Character Quiz You Will Ever Take

43/50 I'm a Pixar geek a cording to this so yeah its really accurate

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What Disney and Disney pixar Character are you?

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Take our quiz, "Which Disney Sidekick Are You?", and share your result with your friends and family!

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Which punk disney princess are YOU?

Punk Disney Ariel- her tattoo reminds me of raava from LoK >> pinning for the comment!! So true though!!!

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Take our quiz, "Which Monsters Inc. Character Are You?", and share the result with your family and friends!

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