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Sinosauropteryx: The first genus of dinosaur outside of Avialae (birds and their immediate relatives) to be found with evidence of feathers. Which can be seen clearly in this gorgeous fossil.


Crinoid fossils. Rock containing crinoid (or sea lily) fossils. These are Scyphocrinus elegans crinoids from the Silurian/Devonian period (about 440-360 million years ago). Crinoids are marine echinoderms that appear as early as the Ordovician period (500 million years ago). These crinoids have stalks by which they would attach themselves to the seabed, capturing food with feathery arms that formed a cup (seen at lower right and upper centre). Thousands of extinct crinoid species have been…


The A-Z of dinosaurs. BECAUSE YAY. (via


Dinosaurs - this was a live action show, with the dinosaurs playing out there lives like a normal family of the 90s.... the merchandising for it was limited over here in britain but you could get a toy of the baby one. (,2006)

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Dwarf 'vampire' dinosaur was a plant eater

A bizarre dinosaur described as a cross between "a bird, a vampire and a porcupine" has been identified from fossils in South Africa. (via BBC News)

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Dinosaur Fossil Terrarium with Prehistoric Dinosaur Bones - Live Plants in Display Jar

I am in love with this for my little guys! Dinosaur Fossil Terrarium with Prehistoric by DoodleBirdie on Etsy, $129.00


Ankylosaurus - Looking like reptilian armadillos, or prehistoric tanks, Ankylosaurs were heavily armored dinosaurs with protective plates over their head and shoulders. Some species took their protection to extremes and even had armoured eyelids. Spikes and protrusions were common in a bid to deter predators from taking a bite. Some Ankylosaurs had a large, heavy club at the end of the tail for wielding as a weapon (BBC 2013)