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International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications (IJSEA)

International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications (IJSEA) ISSN : 0975 - 9018 ( Online ); 0976-2221 ( Print ) JAVA BASED VISUALIZATION AND ANIMATION FOR TEACHING THE DIJKSTRA SHORTEST PATH ALGORITHM IN TRANSPORTATION NETWORKS Ivan Makohon1 , Duc T. Nguyen2 , Masha Sosonkina3 , Yuzhong Shen4 and Manwo Ng5 1Graduate Student, Department of Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering (MSVE), Old Dominion University…

Dijkstra's Algorithm For those who are confused about the path A, E, D, F being the candidate for the answer, Dijkstras algorithm is a greedy algorithm meaning that it will always choose the thing that seems to best right now (without regard for how it may impact future choices). In this case, it chose A-B instead of A-E because the distance 4 < 7, hence ignoring the possibility of having a smaller path. This is what makes it greedy; it always goes for the next easiest solution.