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Canon S90 review

All the flash photography basics you need to know are right here, as we answer all the common questions photographers have about using flash.

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10 wedding photography mistakes every beginner will make (and how to get better)

Shooting a wedding is one of the toughest assignments that a photographer can take on, there are lots of potential issues and the stakes are incredibly high. To help out, our head of testing, Angela Nicholson, has compiled a list of the most common wedding photography mistakes that photographers make when starting out shooting weddings, along with some advice on how to avoid them.

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The 10 rules of photo composition (and why they work)

10 rules of photo composition (and why they work) 10 ways to get perfect focus EVERY time 10 portrait photography mistakes every photographer makes (and how to fix them) 10 Best Moving Tips The Top 10 Photography Lighting Facts You Should Know

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75 Canon photography tips for taking control of your camera

Get more from your EOS camera with this exhaustive guide full of Canon photography tips, tricks and expert techniques.

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10 reasons why your photos aren't sharp (and how to fix them)

Getting sharp photos is one of the fundamental goals in photography. If your images aren’t as sharp as you’d like, take a look at our ten-point guide to work out where you’re going wrong and how to get it right next time.

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Histogram: photography cheat sheets for achieving perfect exposure

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The Exposure Triangle: aperture, shutter speed and ISO explained

Learn how to master exposure in photography and get pictures with punch by balancing aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

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Metering mode cheat sheet: how they work and when to use them

The Metering Mode button on your camera is symbolised by an eye-shaped icon within a rectangle. Within your metering mode function you will have either three or four metering modes: spot metering, partial metering, centre-weighted metering and evaluative metering. As you will see in our latest photography cheat sheet below, each metering option measures the brightness of a scene in different ways, depending on what subject you are shooting.