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Diffusion MRI of the Brain: The location of nerve fibers is inferred by tracking the movement of water molecules along them.


This beautiful picture is a special DTI( Diffusion MRI) imaging technique that focuses on the axons of neurons in the brain, allowing to test neuronal circuits.

diffusion spectrum MRI (DSI) images of fiber pathways in the brain of cats at age 10 days (top) and three months

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A fascinating new way to visualize your brain's connections

"A fascinating new way to visualize your brains connections" ... No Idea about the science behind this, but there are some great colour combinations.


{View of a Stroke} A brain-imaging method called diffusion MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is relatively new to the field of neuroscience, though it shows promise as a diagnostic tool. Here, an image taken from the brain of a patient who suffered a stroke in the thalamus and midbrain, resulting in damage to certain axons (some are visible at the bottom of the image).

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Wristband detects and alerts for seizures, monitors stress

A functional MRI (fMRI), seen at left, can identify regions where blood flow increases in the brain during particular cognitive tasks. A diffusion MRI, seen at right, can identify the white matter that carries information between regions of the brain.

spine xray art print | ... Spine, X-ray Photograph - Healthy Lower Spine, X-ray Fine Art Print


Computational Diffusion Mri ( Mathematics and Visualization) (Hardcover)


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Diffusion MRI PDF

Diffusion MRI: Theory, Methods, and Applications

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Portraits of the Mind

Portraits of the mind: diffusion MRI image