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Different Types Of Monkeys

This is an extremely rare, highly endangered small wild cat which is only found on the island of Borneo. It wasn't until 1998 that live Bornean Bay Cats were actually photographed, so very little is known about them. They grow to around 22 inches in length, and vary between 5 and 10 pounds; it's likely that like most other types of felines, the males grow much larger than the females. They hunt at night for birds, rodents, and sometimes monkeys. They appear to be related to the Asian Golden…

Different DIY Typography Ideas
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Font of the day: Futuracha

Different DIY Typography Ideas


Types of bits. except they forgot that the kimberwicke has different rein slots for more/less leverage


Red Crested Turaco. What a gorgeous bird! Wow. I wonder why God made so many different types of glorious birds? So amazing!

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Jane Goodall on Empathy and How to Reach Our Highest Human Potential

A crazy woman who chose to live with apes. Tired of seeing her everywhere.

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Them and us: endangered animals - in pictures

Black and white lemur

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10 Ways to Experience the Best of Santa Barbara, California

10 Ways to Experience the Best of Santa Barbara, California If you’re visiting Santa Barbara you’ll find there are a variety of different types of activities to partake in. Weather isn’t ever a concern. If you’re searching for outdoor activity, you’ve chosen the best place.


These unlikely pals hang out at a Straubing, Germany, zoo. Sure, these two have their differences. For starters, one is a monkey and the other is an iguana. But they've clearly overcome them. That's right: leave it to a common marmoset and a green iguana to teach us the true meaning of friendship


Looks like fun! A bit big for our small space, but nice idea to have different types of climbing walls.

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Build a Desert Biome

Learning about biomes? This fun science activity shows you how to build a desert biome in a jar! Perfect for classrooms or homeschool!