Pre-writing...Lines. A poster like this would go nicely in the writing center. You can also laminate it, and smear shaving cream on it. The children can trace the lines underneath...

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The 2007 Japan’s music scene, laid out as the Tokyo Subway map at Complete with all the notable names across the years from the Japanese music scene, the map plots artists as the stations and the different lines as the different genre’s of music.

A set of 3 sheets with different patterns for developing pencil skills. Activities for straight lines, curves and loops. Each sheet contains a template with partial guidelines and the same template totally blank, allowing you to create your own patterns for learners to follow.

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i love this image! i think for me to recreate this i could project onto a surface and reflect it in different shaped mirrors. I'm not sure it would quite have the same effect but this would look amazing. spoon by Manfred on Fotoblur | Abstract Photography

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Inspirational Splatter Paint Art Project for Kids: Help children increase their creative confidence and self-esteem with this motivational art activity! ~

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Flour and porridge oats. Many different lines of enquiry displayed by the children from making cakes to acting out Goldilocks and the three Bears from Happy kids Goldthorpe

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In Transit: NYC is the first in a series of laser-cut, edge-lit abstractions of iconic subway maps.

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