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Different Lines

LINES wall poster I like the different line descriptions. Use with the 1st grade line lesson


A set of 3 sheets with different patterns for developing pencil skills. Activities for straight lines, curves and loops. Each sheet contains a template with partial guidelines and the same template totally blank, allowing you to create your own patterns for learners to follow.


A simple game of sticks can teach alot. Everyone searches for a stick, then take turns to lay it on a cloth with the outcome (hopefully) of sticks growing in size down the line


A flat swag & jabots with attractive fabric & trim. Custom window treatments expand your options to infinity and beyond!

lHOW SMART!! I often run out of ideas when I doodle, and go back to other doodles for ideas, which takes time. And it's frustrating. Since I make color charts, why not make a shape chart??


Thanksgiving art that will make you gobble!

Tie-Dye TurkeyFold a coffee filter into six equal parts shaped close to a triangle. Unfold and use those lines to paint different colors with watercolor paint for the feathers. After drying, glue the filter on a large sheet of construction paper. Cut out shapes for the turkey from colored construction paper, and glue them on the coffee filter. This is such a unique Thanksgiving art project and one of my favorites when I taught elementary school.