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The 2007 Japan’s music scene, laid out as the Tokyo Subway map at Complete with all the notable names across the years from the Japanese music scene, the map plots artists as the stations and the different lines as the different genre’s of music.

From Sally Muir's "A Dog a Day" collection, which features different canines created in a variety of styles. Even with only a few lines, Muir has an uncanny ability at capturing dogs, instantly marking their breed & breathing character into their forms.


Summer Bucket List Craftivity

A fun craftivity flap book where students write about all the friends they are going to see this summer, the places they want to visit, and the things they want to do. Includes eight different versions of the pages: blank, lined, blank & line, & picture frame, and two versions of the cover (with and without a sun). Each of those are with a normal block font and another "fun" font.


How to sew on a button - let me count the ways! Checkout this awesome image, showing a multitude of different ideas for sewing on buttons. Definitely a way to add a new design element and couture touch to your creations.


Russian Carpet - Correlation. Moodboard.

Idea for structure of ...about Charley - central character, distorted view, characters branching out in relation to the original story... drawing


I like the simple-ness of the drawings but also the accuracy and how easy it is the distinguish the different objects