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David Bowie: absolute legend. For a review of Bowie's long-awaited new single 'Where Are We Now', check out Kolekto Magazine (

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Collection of Moustaches: This is extremely helpful as it's a collection of different styles, colours and sizes in one image.

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in this photo what stands ou the most is the way that the outfit is almost colour coded to the background and the lights on the buildings so the whole picture pulls itself together.

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3 Acceptable Beard Styles for your Workplace

There are different types of beards. Apart from the basic French styles, the popular styles are designer stubble, professional bearded look, hipster beard, van dyke etc. Here are the top 3 professional looks that even your boss will envy! #beard #beardstyles

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A man’s guide to beardsMore Visual Glossaries (for Him): Backpacks / Belts / Bowties / Brogues / Chain Types / Dress Shirt Collars / Cowboy Hats  / Cuffs / Dress Shirt Fabrics / Eyeglass frames / Hangers / Hats / Jackets/Coats / Jacket Pockets / Man Bags

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