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If you're a vegetarian you need to provide your body with foods that contain the essential amino acids that are used as building blocks of protein in the body. Every time you eat food of any kind your body breaks it down into three basic groups: A)...


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Bad Beginning of a (Nice) Adventure - about Physical Education in Polish schools several years ago (and hopefully not now

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How To Quickly Remove Uric Acid Crystallization From Your Body To Prevent Gout And Joint Pain

Lacking energy? Bloated? Try this blend for an instant pick-me-up! Want more juicing recipes just like this one? Simply click the image and then follow the link on the next page.


Vegans often hear: "but where do you get your protein?" Well thanks to a large study that compared the nutrient profiles of around 30000 non-vegetarians to 20000 vegetarians and around 5000 vegans. We now know that vegans average 70% more protein than the recommendation every day.So protein is by far the most overstated nutrient. People are unnecessarily obsessed with protein - but it's very very difficult to actually be deficient in protein and only people who are falling far short of their…