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Did Time Change Today

Don't let loosers or people who have no life or no happiness get you down. If they are stuck In filth, misery, negativity and bad karma... step away. Only a miracle can help those ones.

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365 Happiness Project: Quote 148

365 Happiness Project: Quote 148 never met a person I did not like, friends are different thing entirely. sotellos


If you've been working online for a while you know what an uphill struggle it can be sometimes especially if you're doing this alone without the help & support of freinds & family. Our biggest breakthrough came when we got a coach to help us break through some barriers we were having earlier this year. Just some 1 on 1 time with someone who's actually got the results you want can make a life changing difference in your business! So what would 1 hour of coaching do for you & your business?…

Had great intentions of doing my long run today but my baby girl who is 3 and also #typeone was taken to hospital with tonsillitis this morning so the day has been spent cuddling. Did 2 slow walk/run miles to keep up with the streak. Hope to run properly tomorrow it's been 3 weeks since I have had a 'proper' run and I am terrified of losing my fitness or running ability. 4 weeks till the half time to get the show back on the road. #TWIOgirl #twiogirls #workitout100 65/100 #TWIORunStreak…

When you stop doing the wrong things and start doing the right things, almost anything you want and everything you need comes within reach.

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Loving the Skin You’re In (Momastery)

Its not about reaching a certain body type or losing as much weight as you can. We all have this brain disease that makes us think the smaller we are, the better we are. Its not true. Being in shape and healthy has nothing to do with fitting a certain mold. If you can walk a decent distance, and lift a few lbs, you're pretty healthy. If you try to eat good foods most of the time, you're pretty healthy. Be yourself when it comes to all aspects of your life. Know yourself & build self…


I might have to change the times I go to the gym on the weekends because it was pretty empty this evening 🙌. I hardly ever go to the "bro" side of the gym since it's harder to film & its packed but I got lucky today 💃. Any body else gets as excited as me about an empty gym?? Yep I'm a weird one 😉. I did a full body workout and this is the upper body portion of it. I will post the other 1/2 soon!

Did upwards of 1km freestyle today, kinda lost count and did a few breaststroke laps at the end too, Tuesday 23/6