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8 Fun Dictionary Activities

Hopefully, you’ve got dictionaries, maybe even a class set. They are, of course, great for looking up words and you will use them to teach dictionary skills, but there are also other gre…


Dictionary Skills…Made EASY!

Hello my friends…Do you have to teach Dictionary Skills to your students?  I do!  And let me tell you…. THIS IS NO EASY TASK!!!!  :)  Teach...


FREEBIE ALERT!! To celebrate (and reward) my 200 followers I am giving away this dictionary detectives freebie! It is a workbook students use to practice using a dictionary. It would be great for a large group lesson, as a partner activity, or a word work center. Please leave feedback!


Reference Materials: Guide Word Search - Word Study Dictionary Activity

Guide Word Search - Word Study Dictionary Activity Allow your students to practice looking up their Word Study words or content vocabulary in the ...