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Diaper rash cream recipe recommended by our pediatrician for a tough rash. Use equal parts of the four creams pictured: A & D, hydro cortisone, lanacane, bacitracin.

5 Simple Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Diaper Rash

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How to Make Calendula Salve (and why you should

Calendula salve - I've found this is a great diaper rash treatment, among other things. The homemade calendula oil is good for a wipes solution, too. {Pinner said}


Diaper Rash treatment, use equal parts of each item

How to Make The Best All Natural Diaper Rash (and Topical Yeast Infection) Treatment Ointment at Home

MortashedMedley: Healing a Severe Diaper Rash

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6 Diaper Rash Treatments

Diaper rash treatment - Dr. Axe #health #holistic #natural

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Washcloth Wipes

8 Natural Ways to Treat Baby's Diaper Rash (PHOTOS)

Equal parts Vaseline and corn starch, I tried this on my son when he had a REALLY BAD rash that would not go away, I bought every cream out there from the cheapest to the most expensive and came across this one night while I was desperatly searching the internet. IT WORKED!!! Yay it's cheap and most importantly it works!~Sheila