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Diane de Poitiers - Famous Royal Mistress

Diane de Poitiers, the famous royal mistress of King Henri II of France. She was known for her beauty and marvellous complexion, which she retained until well into old age. She drank a gold elixir every day to preserve her youthful beauty, but tragically this might have been what eventually killed her. Photo originally Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

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Diane de Poitiers, mistress to Henri II. Grand Senechal(e) of Normandy, Countess of Saint-Vallier, Duchess of Étampes, Duchess of Valentinois

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Diane De Poitiers by Jean Clouet (auctioned by Rossini) she often wore black and white after her husband, Louis de Brézé, died in 1531/Diane wears a French hood decorated with gold- and jewel-trim matching the beading around her crescent neckline in this Jean Clouet portrait.Diane De Poitiers by Jean Clouet (auctioned by Rossini) From

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DIANE DE POITIERS 1571 mistress of Henri II / by CLOUET François - French (Tours circa 1515-1572 Paris)

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Diane de Poitiers (3 September 1499 – 25 April 1566) was a French noblewoman and a prominent courtier. She became notorious as the Henry II of France's favourite. Diane de Poitiers would remain Henry's lifelong companion. Henry entrusted Diane with the Crown Jewels of France, had the Château d'Anet built for her, and gave her the Château de Chenonceau. Many of Henry's official letters were signed HenriDiane.

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Diane de Poitiers, morte d'avoir voulu rester jeune

Diane de Poitiers par François Clouet. Décédée en 1566 à l'âge de 66 ans, la maîtresse du roi de France Henri II s'est probablement empoisonnée avec l'or qu'elle prenait pour entretenir sa beauté. Ses cheveux contiennent de fortes concentrations d'or, un élixir de jouvence qu'elle buvait chaque matin au réveil, pour préserver sa beauté ou pour continuer à pratiquer intensément ses sports favoris (natation, chasse et équitation).

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