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‪#‎CMC‬ conducts hundreds of ‪#‎dialysis‬ procedures every month. State-of-the-art Dialysis unit is open 24-hours. ‪#‎Nephrologists‬ are available round the clock on call, to attend to the ‪#‎patients‬ in event of any ‪#‎emergency‬. Qualified and well-trained nurses and dialysis technicians perform the dialysis on the patients. The ‪#‎Kidneys‬ are vital organs responsible for waste management that is crucial to maintain you body's chemical balance and blood pressure.


Many of the state’s elected officials – including Gov. Rick Perry and a number of state legislators – refuse to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), despite Texas having the largest proportion of uninsured citizens in the nation.


Islet Cell Transplant... once a pancreas is removed or dies and Islet cells are transplanted that patient no longer becomes a brittle diabetic. Congressional Support is needed for this procedure to become automatically included during operations as currently medicare does not pay for Islet Cell Transplants. Seems like a NO-BRAINER to me... why should we trade one death for another when Islet Cells can save so many people!

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Acute renal failure Infographic: Cause, diagnosis, pathogenesis, signs/symptoms, and treatment


Peritoneal dialysis procedure uses a membrane within our body (peritoneal membrane) as a filter to clear wastes and extra fluid from your body. Unlike hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis brings along a few risks and complications.

Elderly Patients may Not Gain Same Benefits from Gold Standard Dialysis Procedure as Younger Patients