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Think Pressure Care has a range of free useful resources to assist with raising awareness of pressure ulcers and how to spot the early signs to prevent them


Hemo-Dialysis. How its done. Pinning because it seems like kidney failure is not talked about as much as other diseases. Patients on dialysis typically go to dialysis treatments every other day where they seat hooked up to these machines approx. 3 to 5 hours.


Know this all too well....3x in 3 months...all these symptoms....the pain is the worst!


‪#‎CMC‬ conducts hundreds of ‪#‎dialysis‬ procedures every month. State-of-the-art Dialysis unit is open 24-hours. ‪#‎Nephrologists‬ are available round the clock on call, to attend to the ‪#‎patients‬ in event of any ‪#‎emergency‬. Qualified and well-trained nurses and dialysis technicians perform the dialysis on the patients. The ‪#‎Kidneys‬ are vital organs responsible for waste management that is crucial to maintain you body's chemical balance and blood pressure.