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But I want to be with you so much more!!! I can't imagine unlimited time together!!!! Would be so wonderful!!!! I Love YOU!!!!!! Please don't doubt for a second how much I want to be with YOU!!! All the time..ALL my days devoted to YOU!! Pleasing U, taking care of U, loving U, holding U, kissing U...Miss U Baby!!!!!! I Do!!!!!***


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Charlotte Despard (1844-1939), speaking at an anti-fascist rally in Trafalgar Square, London, taken in June 1933 by James Jarché. Despard was a suffragist, novelist (Chaste as Ice and Pure as Snow were two) and Sinn Féin activist. She devoted a lot of her time and money to helping the poor in Battersea. She lived above one of her welfare shops in one of poorest areas of Nine Elms. Very sturdy shoes.

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Bridging the culture gap in the classroom

London bus queue


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Can I lend you a trunk? Devoted mother elephant rescues her baby from the mud

A mother struggles to save her son. (Marina Cano / Solent News via Rex USA) Elephants are so selfless...and they mourn for their dead family members (even carry their bones around with them...they may have gone long distances but recognize their family's bones!) for a while. It's so sad to see, but fascinating, too. :(

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Words of Scripture to Help You Endure

We all face issues and challenges that tax our resolve and force us to endure. Here are some Bible verses to strengthen your faith and to point you toward God. It's also our prayer that you will gain hope for life and whatever you are dealing with today.