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Devil's Food Cake

Devil's Food Cake: Forget the name, this cake is heavenly. The crumb is tender, the filling and frosting luscious. When I made it one friday, I expected my children, resident food critics much in the mould of the Grim eater, to find it too dark, too rich, not sweet enough: you get the gist. Instead, I came down on Saturday morning to find nothing but an empty, chocolate-smeared cake stand and a trail of crumbs.

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Christmas pudding ice cream

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I’ve told you already that I’m not easily seduced by chocolate cakes, but sometimes I feel like making nothing but something with chocolat...

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Double chocolate cake. Easter and chocolate go hand in hand, and this cake is a terrific recipe to bake for it.

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Devil's Food Cake

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Salted caramel and chocolate profiteroles

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