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Detroit police have set a high bar for dancing 'Running Man' videos

A video of Detroit Police Department doing the “Running Man” challenge and…

Detroit Police Department tug-of-war team - August 30, 1954 issue of Sports Illustrated: "TUG OF WAR pit two tons of the Detroit Police Dept. at the opposite ends of a rope at the University of Detroit Stadium to warm up for their part in the 28th annual Detroit vs. Toronto police track and field games. Average weight of the 17 patrolmen practicing above is 260 pounds, not counting Coach Norman McCorry (center), no lightweight himself.

80 years of Ford at Dagenham

Ford Motor Co Detroit Michigan + Warley Brentwood Essex - Detroit Police Department - Link - FBI Carroll Trust Case

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Detroit cop demoted after he called black BLM activists 'terrorists'

Nate Weekley has been demoted from his post as a detective at the Detroit Police Department