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Jamie Oliver's Best Shortbread in the World - tried almost every recipe for shortbread and this is my favourite

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Cappuccino vegan cups

Cappuccino vegan cups More

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Classic Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie, Recipe. Arguably the best dessert in the world! A classic recipe using condensed milk to make a golden caramel and a crushed biscuit base, sliced bananas, whipped cream and chocolate shavings! YUM!

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Salted caramel and chocolate cups

Salted+caramel+and+chocolate+cups More

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Protein pancakes are easy. You need 4 basic ingredients: milk, yogurt, eggs and ground oats. All four are rich in protein and make a great pancake mix, the trick is to let it soak. Classic pancakes are easy to make as long as you use a ton of fat....

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UK – US Conversion

UK – US Conversion Recipe conversion chart #printable. Cups, grams, tsp, tbsp, ml, and more.

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13 Most Irresistible Canapés Of All Time

Mini churros appetizer - would be great with mini donuts. Perfect for a Mexican fiesta or Cinco de Mayo celebration.

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12 Brilliantly Vintage Tea Party Ideas

ice cream served in a vintage tea cup- awesome idea for a dinner party!

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Brownie in a Cup ~ Wipe the outside of the cup with rubbing alcohol. Use an oil based Sharpie paint marker, then write the instructions onto the cup. Let the Sharpie dry completely for 24 hours. Place your cup in a cold oven, then bake at 450 degrees for 30 minutes. Crack your oven door and let the cup cool down with the oven to prevent cracking. This would be great as a gift, add the dry ingredients and wrap.

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Espresso Mug Cake

This is a simple and quick recipe for an espresso microwave mug cake which you can be eating it in less than five minutes, with half the washing up of a normal oven-baked cake.

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