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Krokodil: The heroin substitute is a real threat. We must warn of the

Krokodil (Desomorphine) was first developed as a painkiller in The United States in the 1930’s. It is ten times stronger than the Morphine currently used in medical practice and has a quicker onset of action and more sedative effects. The drug causes death of muscle and soft tissues at the site of injection and can lead to marked shortening of life expectancy in users of the drug - some argue once people become full-time Krokodil addicts, they have a life expectancy of less than a year.

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Desomorphine Will Literally Eat Your Flesh

Flesh-eating krokodil 'appears on America's East Coast'

First on East Coast? An overdose patient found all but rotting alive in Manchester, New Hampshire last week told responders he believed he'd been injecting the drug krokodil. Pictured is a wound on the leg of Amber Neitzel, 26, from the drug in Lockport, Illinois in 2013


Krokodil the flesh eating drug aka Desomorphine, and Permonid

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