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Desktop Air Conditioner

This little air conditioner uses frozen water to create a personal climate-control system anyone can use. Fill the supplied bottle with water, freeze it, place it back in the chamber and turn the power on and enjoy.


Evapolar: Your Own Personal Air Conditioner

The Evapolar is a desktop personal air conditioner and is unique in many ways. Working on the simple, most efficient and ancient cooling technology of water evaporation, this modern and minimalist design creates a personal microclimate just suitable for you.


Mini Cool Safe Lightweight USB Bladeless No Leaf Desktop Fan w/ US Plug AC Power

No Leaf Fan USB Mini Portable Bladeless Refrigeration Desktop Air Conditioner

Strong Idea - AC Ally II USB Powered Desktop Air Conditioner... basically a desktop fan that you freeze its ice pack and insert for the air to blow across.


Desktop Air Conditioner - Simply place this desktop air conditioner near you to receive cool breezes (moveable head). Must be connected to your computer's USB port (cord included). $15.00

Daditong Portable Handheld No Leaf Fan Cooling Cooler USB Desktop Air Conditioner Gift Idea - #Conditioner, #Cooler, #Cooling, #Daditong, #Desktop, #Gift, #Handheld, #Idea, #Leaf, #Portable #Computers

Cute No Leaf Bladeless Mini PortableUSB Gadgets Fan Refrigeration Desktop Air Conditioner USB Desktop Bladeless Fan