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Step-by-step make your own wedding cake by Sandra Monger >>

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Fairy cake. Om Nom Nom! If you're a bit of a gourmand, why not design your very own scrumptious perfume, perhaps with notes of Vanilla? Caramel? Chocolate? Check out to find out more.

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Our upcoming Pirate Party is coming on well. If you're planning your own, here's a great guide to making a Pirate Ship Cake: Design Your Own Pirate Ship Cake #KidsParties #NW3 #Pirates

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Alarmingly Adorable: Baby Cake Designs by Whipped Bakeshop

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80 Nail Designs for Short Nails

Looking for new nail art ideas for your short nails recently? These are awesome designs you can realistically accomplish–or at least ideas you can modify for your own nails! Chic and fun nail art aren’t just reserved for long nails, we guarantee it!

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Alarmingly Adorable: Baby Cake Designs by Whipped Bakeshop

I don't want you to die. BUT. The photos that follow are basically heart attack-inducing cute, so consider yourself warned. These cakes are part of the new baby cake collection by Philadelphia bakery Whipped Bakeshop. I consider them worth their own post just to showcase their adorableness. If you're in Philadelphia, you should go buy one, whether there's a baby in your life or not. If you're not in Philadelphia, either go there, right now... or just enjoy and coo at the photos and…

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