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Jerry Uelsmann. Forty years ago, Jerry Uelsmann was an avant-garde photographer, using multiple negatives in a darkroom to create a single print that juxtaposed images in a strange, surreal way. Manipulating an image was considered heresy by some photography purists back then. Today Uelsmann is the traditionalist, continuing to use multiple enlargers in a darkroom rather than computer programs such as Photoshop for his ravashing works.

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Cheat Sheet: Graphic Design Words Everyone Should Know (Infographic)

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33 Graphic Design Tips for Beginner Designers

Struggling with your graphic design? This large collection of graphic design tips especially for a beginner designer, will shortcut a lot of learnings that I've picked up over the years through trial and error!

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Colour Theory & Website Design How to Colour Your Website Effectively - @redwebdesign

Colour Theory & Website Design: How to Colour Your Website Effectively

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With every new release, Adobe Illustrator expands on its powerful vector-editing capabilities. But if that’s not enough to keep you satisfied, thankfully there’s a vast range of third party add-ons out there to help you save time and add a bit of polish to your design. Here are 15 Illustrator add-ons we recommend you integrate into your workflow.

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How to Teach Yourself Code Infographic -

How to Teach Yourself Code Infographic

How to Teach Yourself Code Infographic -

What is the Deep Web? Infographic