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Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum) is native to southern Africa and Arabia. When planted in the ground, Adenium can grow 4 to 6 feet tall with tons of spectacular flowers. The most striking feature of this plant is its caudex which can be shaped like a sculpture. Since it is not normally a deep root plant, shallow bonsai pots are great to cultivate and show off their extraordinary-looking caudex. This species of flowering plant could well be a good one for someone starting their bonsai experience.

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Desert Rose Plant Care

Adenium obesum se cultiva como planta de interior en las regiones templadas. Numerosos híbridos se han desarrollado. Adeniums son apreciados por sus coloridas flores, sino también por sus gruesas inusuales caudices. Pueden ser cultivadas durante muchos años en una olla y se utilizan comúnmente para bonsai.

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Desert Rose Selenite

°Desert Rose Selenite is a unique, natural crystal formation from the combination of water, wind & sand. It occurs in salt water basins where water evaporates over thousands of years, leaving these Selenite formations. It carries the energies of protection, prosperity & purification.