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Desert Precipitation

This collection of YouTube Weather Videos for Kids are a perfect addition to a weather unit!

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Living Among Refuse

airplane graveyard Wallpaper iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S/5C


I do, and rain and thunderstorms, as long as they are not dangerous are soo calming. They make me want to sleep.


The Interior’s precipitation is that of a desert From an ecological and climate…

The Ténéré region in north-eastern Niger is one of the hottest and driest regions in the Sahara desert, with average maximum temperatures above 40°C between May and September and average annual precipitation 20 – 25 mm. Due to the persistent high-pressure area that causes descending and drying air, the region is one of the sunniest on Earth, with the annual sunshine duration around 4,000 hours.


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Slide To Finish Android Game - , assist a have and leporids in their entertaining escapade. move the anchorages so they can vehicle down abrupt hills accumulating root. Nothing can stop the heroes transporting in this Android game, even the need of precipitation! They will vehicle not only in covered mountains, but in baking desert and thick location! move the roadway in front of the vehicle so the heroes can accumulate all the roots on the route and approach the finish…

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Android Game - , Battlefield: bad company 2 - a well-known gunner from the first human now on your Android! This game is one of few that can overstate of magnificent graphics and a distinct game scheme. The battle region here is quite different - location and polar precipitation, dirty deserts and even municipality firefights! Pass 14 errands in five well elaborated zones of combats. The armament set in game impresses there re 14 kinds- weapons…

witanddelight: Rainy drive in the desert.