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Charmaine blogs about her experiences of anxiety and depression, and the importance of offering your support to someone with mental health problems. #TimetoTalk


Need help, support and advice? Visit Modern Day Girl for all of the above. There are freebies on offer and a completely FREE 7-day eCourse for those feeling overwhelmed. Its for those with anxiety or not. You'll find the best tips right here. You need to check it out right now! I'll love you forever and ever!

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How To Make That Big Decision You Are Dreading + FREEBIE

There are moments in life where we have to make the kind of decisions that can alter your path in huge ways. Learn how to deal with them here!


There is a well-established connection between depression and chronic pain. We’ve put together a list of tips, with the help of our Peer Support Group, to help you make life as manageable as possible and start to break down the pain/depression cycle #depression

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Jennifer Lawrence Uses Copyright Law to Take Down Hacked Photos

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Communication tips for mental health supporters. There is so little information or training for family & friends living with someone suffering with a Mental health issue. Sometimes I think there should be support groups & training courses for them too - to help them understand more!! (I know some sectors already do have this - while others offer little support)

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A Step by Step Actionable Guide to Reaching Your Dreams + FREE CHAPTER

anxiety, depression, life, lifestyle, mental health, your dreams can become relailty

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Never give up on someone with mental illness. When I is replaced by We, illness becomes wellness. End stigma.


Support Groups can help you to cope with your depression and anxiety. Read to know how. #Depression #OnlineSuppportGroups