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Exercise is so much better against depression. Sleep better, eat healthy. Take care of me <3

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The only thing I look forward to is going back to bed at night. I don't have anything to look forward to. I have no purpose. I can't find happiness. People may think I'm happy, that I'm fine, but I'm not, I'm just good at pretending.

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I was hoping that you would come to your senses quickly and realize I didn't deserve what you did to me and find some way to make it up to me, I guess that I didn't really know who you were because I thought friendship, respect, and loyalty were important to you.

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-it's a different type of tired -what do you mean? -it's a tired feeling that sleep can't help with..

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If you are having trouble with anxiety and/or depression, find a counselor that…

Why Anxiety And Depression Are So Difficult To Fight (By Nick Seluk)

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Quote on bipolar: Those moments when you just want to fall asleep because you'd rather not deal with the intensity of the depressive mood swing.

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