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Award-Winning Filmmaker Shunned for Exposing US & NATO Use of Depleted Uranium


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The Issues relating to depleted uranium and other illegal weapons

Balkans War use of depleted uranium. Now let's see the places and frequencies of birth defects that have occurred overlaid on the map. A far greater concern exists in that particulates from using DU are blown into the air and land on people distant from the original use.

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Israel’s Weapons: A Crime on Humanity

References, resources, related news and updates below this article In an article of March 4, Richard Lightbown argues that Israel’s use of depleted uranium, white phosphorus and other toxic metals …

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Armata Vs Leopard 2: Germany's Main Battle Tank Could Be in Trouble

A T-14 tank with the Armata Universal Combat Platform

Google+ ~ Fluoride is found to be prevalent in the air and water after Chemtrail rains (White-Sky Rainstorms). I suspect they're adding Roundup pesticide to Chemtrails mixture, from the odor. Depleted Uranium [DU] added to Chemtrails sometimes causes them to appear brownish in color. DU causes illness, death, and deformities of flora & fauna 1000's of years into the future.

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US fired depleted uranium at civilian areas in 2003 Iraq war, report finds

US jets and tanks fired nearly 10,000 depleted uranium rounds in Iraq during the war in 2003. -The Guardian

War Crimes Are US - Depleted Uranium weapons: Why shouldn’t it be a war crime to poison civilians with radiation?