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george chakhava & zurab jalaghania: ministry of highways of (the soviet republic of) georgia | 1975


The "deficiencies" in the new DoJ proposal include "a lack of accountability to ensure state and local police are actually reporting the data; a failure to condition federal funding on adequate reporting; a disturbing reliance on media reports instead of police departments for data; a lack of clarity on how DICRA applies to federal agencies; and the absence of a clear definition of the word 'custody.'"

Welcome to MIND-Strengths May at Dyslexic Advantage! As we begin our month-long…

As Department Of Justice Finally Admits To Privatized Prison Failure Amid Huge Unrelenting Public Outcry, Chomsky Warns Of Still More Efforts At Privatization & Corporate Take Over.

There is no other crime where someone is charged money for the collection of evidence


Who's who in a #crime #scene? May be too close to the violent world we live in...(for now included as a point of reference)


Today, 16 November 2015 8:30 am EST, WikiLeaks publishes the 30 hours of secret tapes and transcripts at the heart of the AbilityOne/SourceAmerica scandal. Thirteen Presidential Appointees (ten Obama, three Bush) are embroiled in a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal being probed by the US Department of Justice and four Inspector Generals. The appointees oversee the federal government's $3billion a year "AbilityOne" program which is meant to pay for the employment of more than 50,000


Alabama deputy discovers civil rights era artifacts

MLK mug shot. A Montgomery (Ala.) Sheriff's Department booking photo of The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. taken Feb 22, 1956, with the word '“dead” and the date 4-4-68' written on it (in original photo).


Why Did the Obama Administration Funnel Millions to Secretary of State John…