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Please watch this fantastic patient educational video explaining "Dental Sealants and Fissurotomy." I wish everyone on earth would watch their diet and this video! #Dentist #Dental #Hygienist


Air Abrasion is a new dental technology that allows for dentists to remove small fillings, stains or defects and even prepare teeth for small fillings and sealants with a use of a special handpiece that propels a beam of microscopic particles using compressed air or helium often with out the need for dental anesthetic. That's right, that means no dental injection this visit! At Victory Dental, Dr. Ripplinger uses the Air Abrasion technique for dental sealants and small fillings whenever he…


In 1968 Nauman produced a series of holograms titled Making Faces in which he contorted and stretched his face into a series of exaggerated gestures, the kind of grotesque faces pulled (playfully) by and for children in order to amuse, distract, and even terrify - Bruce Nauman ‘a’, 1970 © ARS, NY and DACS, London 2015