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The golden age of British sweets - in pictures

Spangles (1948) The same year George Orwell gazed apprehensively into a totalitarian future, Mars unveiled a more upbeat response to post-war austerity with these translucent sugar squares. Over three decades tangerine, butterscotch, 'Old English', cola and dozens more varieties appeared, until their liquidation in ... 1984.

Dental Composites -- Tooth-colored composite resins are one of the alternatives to traditional amalgam fillings which offer superior aesthetics due to their capacity to be closely matched to surrounding teeth.

Crowns: The Kings Of Restorative Dentistry   #Infographic #Dentistry

Crowns: The Kings Of Restorative Dentistry [Infographic]

A 6,500-year-old tooth packed with beeswax could represent the earliest evidence of a dental filling, newly-published research has announced. Found in part of a human jaw excavated in a cave near Lonche, Slovenia, the tooth is a left canine, thought to have belonged to a man aged between 24 and 30.