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What to Expect After a Tooth Extraction


Fibromyalgia and Your Teeth

We don't often think of dental problems being related to fibromyalgia, but the medications we take can cause a side effect that may damage our teeth.


From the Medieval Manuscript blog post ' Happy St. Apollonias Day'. Detail of a miniature of the martyrdom of St Apollonia, from the Dunois Hours, France (Paris), c. 1440 – c. 1450.

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Kid Conversation Starters

Kid Conversation Starters~ Great kid-interview questions or writing prompts!


Individuals are generally sent home with intensive pain killers following a dental extraction; however, these are often strong medications and may be hard on the system. Many natural options can offer relief for tooth extraction pain. Applying minced garlic to the extraction site periodically relieves pain while rinsing with diluted apple cider vinegar cleanses the mouth and the wound, eliminating any bacteria and reducing pain. Clove oil and tea tree oil can also be used to relieve tooth…

A dental extraction' also referred to as tooth extraction, exodontia, exodontics, or informally, tooth pulling is the removal of teeth from the dental alveolus (socket) in the alveolar bone.

High Grade of Dental Extraction Forceps Is Essential

We have probably all experienced at some point the need to eat soft food for days (or even weeks) after some type of procedure. Of course, we're always told to eat Jell-O™, ice cream, milkshakes (w...