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from The Independent

America: Too many guns, too little will to change

Another republican nightmare where more guns makes us safer, tax cuts for the rich makes the poor better off and eliminating women's rights is best for them.


Favorability of Trump’s GOP Lowest in Bloomberg Poll’s History

The republicans nominate a racist shyster and are surprised everyone finally realizes what the Republican Party is really about, greed and racism.

from Mail Online

MAX HASTINGS: Appalling truth is that Trump IS as stupid as he seems

Some where I read that Donald Trump is not as stupid as he seems. I can't imagine he could be that stupid.

from Salon

The disturbing data on Republicans and racism: Trump backers are the most bigoted within the GOP

Is anyone shocked that the political party that has been flagrantly hostile and racist towards the first black president are now openly supporting a racist bigot for president.

from BBC News

Donald Trump 'would drop the atom bomb' says supporter

Donald Trump is as stable as ice cream on a hot day.

from ABC News

Classified Info Found on Past Secretaries' Private Email

Apparently when past republican Secretary of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice have classified material on their private emails it's ok.


170-Plus Days And Counting: GOP Unlikely To End Supreme Court Blockade Soon

The Senate is back for its brief autumn session, but no one expects the majority Republican body to move forward with the confirmation of Merrick Garland, President Obama's pick for the court vacancy.

from Business Insider

The GOP's favorability rating just plunged to an all-time low

The best way to talk to a republican is to use sign language. The sign would say "REPUBLICANS ARE RACIST PIGS".

from The Daily Beast

The Republican War on Women Continues, Just More Quietly

We don't need to return society to the 1920's so that a few old white men in congress can feel more comfortable.