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Dementia Research

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Alzheimer's: New drug that halts mental decline is 'best news for dementia in 25 years'

The first drug that can prevent Alzheimer’

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Alzheimer's link? Study finds air pollution particles in human brain

"The causes of dementia are complex and so far there hasn't been enough research to say whether living in cities and polluted areas raises the risk of dementia. Further work in this area is important, but until we have more information people should not be unduly worried

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How rabbits and even snakes could help ease depression

#Therapy #NHS Experts reveal how rabbits and even snakes could help ease depression ... for dementia patients, but highlighted that more research was needed. Only now is it becoming a mainstream therapy, says Dale Preece Kelly, who runs Critter Assisted Therapy in Worcestershire and works in the NHS and private psychiatric hospitals.

Researchers Release a New List of Common OTC Medications That Are Causing a High Risk of Dementia.

from The Independent

Breakthrough drug could stop people from ever developing Alzheimer's

An antibody that can almost completely clear the visible signs of Alzheimer’s disease from the brain has been discovered in a breakthrough that left one scientist “trying not to get too excited”. Researchers scanned the brains of people with the degenerative condition as they were given doses of the drug, which is based on an immune cell taken from the blood of elderly people aged up to 100 who showed no signs of the disease.


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What Are the Benefits of Alkaline in the Body?

Vitamin K Rich Foods: researchers are studying the role of Vitamin K in treating osteoporosis and Alzheimer.


These simple facts were really good for finding a basis when I researched the illness.


In this Elizz Q&A, Dr. Emma Bartfay discusses dementia research, caregiver burden, and the need for greater understanding of dementia care in Canada.