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Franklin Delano Roosevelt As A Young Man - C 1913

Prospero - that collar is perfect! 1913, 100 years ago, this is how people makes me a little sad for what we wear now...


Why do so many Democrats support Bernie Sanders?

"The greatest economic growth was the expansion of the middle class under the progressive economic implementations of Roosevelt. The concept that allowing opportunity for the many begets greater opportunity for all did indeed work. Republican concept of funneling wealth to the wealthy is a feudalistic 'kingdom' building scheme that grows the wealth of a few and destroys society for the many."


Just Keep Following "the PLAN", Folks! Thank you for your cooperation, and please folks, don't forget to file your tax returns by April 15th ... we wouldn't want any mishaps to occur before we get around to reviewing your file -- Now, would we?


TONKA (07012015M-D04) located in Delano, CA has 14 days Left to Live. Adopt him now!