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You've Heard About This Problem With Our Trees, But Do You Really Know How Big It Is?

Deforestation: Our Disappearing Woodlands- Here are some shocking facts about deforestation. This is a huge crisis we are facing because the forest is where we gather most of our resources, find new possibilities for medication, houses many species, and serves as a home for many indigenous people. Help stop deforestation by recycling papers and cutting down paper usage.

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ACT: Tell authorities to seize illegal rainforest timber about to leave Cameroon

Another perspective on why we need to protect forests!

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50 Reasons Why The Rainforest Rules

According to the National Geographic, rainforests could vanish from the planet completely within the next century if current deforestation rates continue." Here's a really cool infographic that illustrates the many, many reasons why we can't let that happen:


Deforestation is deadly to all of us. Take action in preventing deforestation. Discuss the importance of protecting rainforests with us on Twitter on March 21, 3pm EST #W4Conservation.

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5 alarming facts about Amazon forest fires

Burning pasture in deforested area in the Amazon. 25 Aug, 2008 © Greenpeace / Rodrigo Baléia

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Deforestation Facts, Deforestation Information, Effects of Deforestation

"Deforestation also drives climate change. Forest soils are moist, but without protection from sun-blocking tree cover they quickly dry out. Trees also help perpetuate the water cycle by returning water vapor back into the atmosphere. Removing trees deprives the forest of portions of its canopy, which blocks the sun’s rays during the day and holds in heat at night. This disruption leads to more extreme temperatures swings."

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Our best shot at cooling the planet might be right under our feet

Our best shot at cooling the planet might be right under our feet | Global Development Professionals Network | The Guardian


Toucan uses beak to keep it cool

The fact that this is a real bird blows my mind.