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I thought this year would of been diffrent nope it sure isnt its like the same fuckin last year

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Photo Gallery: Charmaine Olivia’s Whimsical Wood Paintings

CHARMAINE OLIVIA Charmaine Olivia definitely likes to paint beautiful women in rather unique ways. In fact, exotic is probably the better descriptor for her subjects. From pirate-themes to fox masks and bared tattooed chests, she’s a phenomenal portrait artist with a hipster edge. Based in San Francisco, Charmaine Olivia seems inspired by fashion illustrations by the looks of her technique, yet she imbues a more artistic and creative flair that takes them to a whole other level. According…

Gypsy Tart - This has got to be the most famous tastiest & quickest dessert that originates from my home county of kent. Theres not one person from kent who wont remember this dessert from school. Theres only one real recipe for this dessert & here it is.

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Bohemian Gypsy Goddess Necklace

Charm your on-lookers as you make a statement with this intricate silver necklace! It is definitely not for the faint of heart, so Bohemian Gypsy Goddess charme


Some elements in this "bohemian style room" (according to the OP) really remind me of some of the people's homes I visited in Turkey--I definitely want to keep that vibe in mind when I start decorating my place! More