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Definition Of Frantic

Fuyuhiko-"Are...are you...are you okay? Chi...Chiaki?" Chiaki-*snores* Fuyuhiko-"Chiaki? Aw man, the fuck? You asleep again? HEY!" Chiaki-"Nngh...hmm...huh?" *opens eyes* "Fuyuhiko? Huh? What happened?" Fuyuhiko-"The hell, Chiaki?" Chiaki Nanami and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu -- Super Danganronpa 2


"I was babysitting 10 kids and at one point I searched frantically for 20 minutes because I had only counted 9. I was holding the 10th child the entire time."


In today’s hyper-frantic world of a million interruptions, it's hard to keep your eyes on the ball. Here are four tips that Dave teaches in EntreLeadership that will help you stay focused at work or at home.

The extrovert side is definitely true for me on this one xD Took a quiz the other day and I was classified an extrovert by a 2% margin *grins* Which was about the truth for all the letters. XD Except for J... The J part is pretty strong :)


"What geomancy reads what the wind blown sand writes on the desert rock? I read there that all things live by a generous power, and dance to a mighty tune, or else I read that all things are scattered and hurled, and that our every arabesque and grand jete is but a frantic variation on our one free fall."--Annie Dillard, from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek


Butterflies don't know the color of their wings, but human eyes know how beautiful it is. Likewise, you don't know how good you are, but others can see that you are special.